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The Science of Sports Training

Every athlete dreams of that moment in the Phases of Development spotlight at the end of the game and it all comes down to you winning the game for the team. All the time, sacrifice and preparation comes down to this one moment. While the dream of young athletes remains the same the way we prepare athletes has changed a lot over the last 20 years.

TERRIOSport continues to build a foundation to maximize athletic potential with our Summer Sport-Specific and Sport Foundation Training for Youth (8-12 years old) and High School athletes. Camps run June 1-26 and June 29-July 24.

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While the basic principles have remained constant, the application of the science has changed. Through research and application we now have a better understanding of the application of stresses on the body to improve athletic ability.

Where to Start?

The first step is a medical history and orthopedic screening of previous injuries. Once we know any limitations we move on to the Terrio Endurance & Strength Test (T.E.S.T.) a proprietary test developed to determine your current endurance and strength levels. Your score determines the appropriate phase of the program to start your journey. Sport specific Strength, speed and agility testing establish strength and weaknesses to refine the program to maximize each athletes potential.

Phases of Development

Sport Foundation

The first phase of our program is for young emerging athletes (8-12). The focus is on building a strong foundation of speed, strength, endurance, agility, coordination and flexibility. Proper posture and technique are always emphasized.

Athlete Advantage

The Advantage phase is for those who have a basic foundation of strength, speed, endurance and agility. This phase will progress the athlete while following the scientific principles of training and conditioning. Emphasis is continues to be on learning the correct technique of each exercise maintaining proper posture.


The BEAST phase is for those with a strong foundation of strength, speed, and agility that are looking to take their performance to the highest levels. Continuing to utilize the scientific principles of strength, conditioning, and periodization this phase will push you to reach your ultimate goals.