TERRIO Wellness... * is a medical fitness program - not a gym * starts with a metabolic and T.E.S.T. tests * Medical, Therapeutic and Advanced phases

Programs for the Whole Family

The journey to health is not a sprint. America has evolved into a society of chronic disease through inactivity and poor nutrition. The desire for a quick fix to weight gain has created a multibillion dollar industry, but the reality is that >95% of diets fail! Why? The only way to create true sustainable change is to replace old habits with new habits.

Our programs take a systematic scientific approach to improve overall health and wellness through support, accountability and coaching.

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Who We Are...

TERRIO Physical Therapy-Fitness, Inc created a new category of health services to improve the lives of people. We positively impact lives through our passion for people supported by innovation.

  • TERRIO is a compilation of creative professionals focused on the needs of the entire individual
  • Anticipate and exceed the needs of our clients
  • Create a network of inter-related facilities (14) and programs
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Wellness, Fitness and Sports Training

Who We Are Not...

We are not a gym. We are a medical fitness facility. All programs are designed by physical therapists and are under the direct supervision of our Coaches. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a good workout, you’ll just have the right workout for your current abilities in a safe, non-intimidating environment.

Comprehensive Wellness

Once and for all let's acknowledge that the journey to better health and losing weight is NOT easy, it is NOT simple, there are no magic formulas, potions or concoctions. There is no silver bullet. The good news is that through research we do have substantial knowledge of how to make a sensible, sustainable change but it comes with a price. That price is taking the steps to change your behavior and to replace old habits with new habits.

"This program is different than other programs I have participated in. I’ve tried various workouts that leave me feeling drained or exhausted and lack in the personal attention. Other programs tend to just focus on the exercise portion and are missing the key nutrition and counseling parts." - Amber M

The Starting Point

The process starts with a metabolic test to establish your Resting Energy Expenditure or Metabolic rate. This simple breathing test allows us to determine the exact meal plan for optimal results. Our meal plans have been developed by Registered Dieticians to emphasize eating natural foods in the appropriate amounts.

The next step is The Terrio Endurance & Strength Test (T.E.S.T.) a proprietary test developed to determine your current endurance and strength levels. Your score determines the appropriate phase of the program to start your journey.

Phases of Wellness


The first phase of our program is for those recovering from an injury, surgery or just completing physical therapy. This phase is also appropriate to those who have been inactive for a long period of time. The focus is on building a foundation of improved cardiovascular fitness and utilizing therapeutic exercises to improve strength, flexibility, posture and function.


The Therapeutic phase is for those who have a basic foundation of fitness. This phase transitions from Therapeutic Exercise to more traditional fitness exercises while following the scientific principles. Emphasis is placed on learning the correct technique of each exercise maintaining proper posture which leads too gradual progressions to build overall strength and endurance.


The Advanced phase is for those with a strong foundation of endurance and strength that are looking to take their fitness to the highest levels. Continuing to utilize the scientific principles of strength and conditioning, this phase will push you to reach your ultimate goals. We can develop programs for individuals or groups.