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Early Intervention Program

Intervention to Promote Development

The TERRIOKIDS Early Intervention Program provides services for infants and toddlers under the age of three who have a developmental delay or disability. The program is intended to provide intervention to promote development and is designed to assist parents and caregivers to meet the unique needs of their young children.

Your child must be initially assessed by Kern Regional Center (KRC). For more information, contact KRC:

  1. provides intervention to promote development
  2. for infants and toddlers under 3
  3. initial assessment by KRC
  4. incorporates play to promote learning

What types of developmental disabilities does EIP work with?

Anyone can refer a child that demonstrates a developmental delay in expressive and/or receptive language; gross motor skills (e.g. rolling, walking), fine motor skills (difficulty grasping and releasing toys), social skills (relating to others), self help skills (feeding, dressing), and/or cognitive skills (problem solving skills).

Your child must be initially assessed by Kern Regional Center (KRC). Children qualify based on the following criteria:

  • Before 24 months of age – 33 % delay in one developmental domain or;
  • After 24 months of age – either a 50 % delay in one developmental domain or 33% delayed in two or more developmental domains
My child has been referred to EIP, now what?

Once your child is qualified for services, your Kern Regional Center (KRC) Service Coordinator will assist you with setting goals for your child. You will meet every 6 months thereafter to review your child’s progress. An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is the establishment of services that are family centered. It is based on your child’s strengths and your family’s concerns for your child. The IFSP includes your child’s current level of development; your current concerns; expected outcomes or goals you would like achieved; what early interventions are to be provided and where; when services are to begin and how long they will continue; and the name of your child’s service coordinator.

How does my child get assigned an Interventionist, and what does this mean?

Your child will be assigned an interventionist. Your interventionist incorporates play and provides fun ways to help your child learn and improve their developmental skills. The interventionist will provide recommendations, model hands-on interventions, and assist with any concerns regarding your child in an effort to help your child make gains to improve their developmental skills. The TERRIOKIDS Early Intervention Program has specialists on staff to provide special consultations for your child: physical therapist (gross motor skills – difficulty crawling, standing, walking), occupational therapist (fine motor skills, sensory processing, feeding difficulties), and speech therapist (speech delays). You can contact your child’s KRC service coordinator to request a specialty consult.

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