Terrio physical therapy

Pediatric Therapy

Helping Children Maximize Their Abilities

TERRIOKids has a comprehensive pediatric therapy program that provides a full slate of services to help all children maximize their abilities and to achieve the highest functional level possible.

Benefits of Pediatric Therapy

  1. Helps maximize children’s abilities
  2. Helps achieve their highest functional level
  3. Improves motor development
  4. Enhances social and play skills
  5. Provides caregiver education

TERRIOKids Therapy

TerrioKids caters to children who have developmental delay and motor dysfunction, along with neurological and/or genetic disorders. A child may get referred to physical therapy if they exhibit muscle weakness, abnormal muscle tone, poor posture, inefficient walking, jumping or running patterns. We  also work with babies who have torticollis and plagiocephaly (asymmetrical head/neck positioning and skull shape). A child may get referred to occupational therapy if they exhibit fine motor and visual-motor deficits, sensory processing deficits, and difficulties with activities of daily living.

We offer 4 distinct programs for children in the realm of pediatric therapy:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational, and Feeding Therapy
  • School-Based Therapy- Therapy for 7 school districts across Kern County
  • Wellness and Fitness Programs – TERRIOKids Abilities Program (T.A.P.)

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